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Why buy new-build ski properties in France?

List of some of the benefits of new-build properties in France:

Choose between new housing and resale older properties depends on many factors such as: comfort, budget and desired moving date. The government encourages individuals to invest in the new with the introduction of aids and devices.

Customizable and equipped
The future buyer has the choice of materials and equipment for its future home: within the limits of the building permit, it can evolve its accommodation according to his style, budget and needs.

The new programs have many public facilities such as elevators, parking, gardens, swimming pool, etc.

By choosing to buy a new apartment, the buyer has a large supply of housing. The new buildings are designed to meet the needs of residents and offer different building in the same type of more appartements. Also often each property program is built close to shops and other amenities to make life easier for occupants.

Ecological housing
A new home features the latest regulations and construction standards: developers are forced to upgrade buildings to meet government requirements, including those responding to the Grenelle Environment and Energy-saving building construction (BBC and RT 2012).

Energy savings
In a new home, utility expenses are lower. With the latest energy technologies, insulation, ventilation and an orientation of the housing to store the natural heat, the buyer can achieve energy savings.

Fiscal advantages
Notary fees
By buying a new property, the buyer benefits from reduced notary fees, usually between 2.0% and 3%, against 7 to 8% in the resale property market. Why this difference in cost? For a new property, VAT is included in the sale price.

The tax arrangements for investment
Several aids allow investors to reduce their taxes by buying buy-to-lets. You can deduct your mortgage interest for example from the rental income received and also 3% of the property price each year.

Exemption from property land tax
The advantage of the elimination of the land tax is valid in some municipalities in case of purchase of a new home as a primary or secondary residence (first 2 years).

Guarantees manufacturers
Buying a new-build French property provides strong legal protection to the future owner. There are three types of guarantees related to the purchase in the new: the completion guarantee, warranty 2-years for interiors and the ten-year guarantee for all the structural part.

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